Delhi Capital Dugout – Sourav Ganguly not banned from sitting

Delhi Capital Dugout – Sourav Ganguly not banned from sitting

There was news that Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian team captain will be banned to sit in Delhi Capital Dugout franchise of Indian Premier League 2019. However, now the news is out and he is not banned at all from the event.

On top of that, it is expected that Ganguly will make an early appearance even before BCCI – Board of Control for Cricket in India regulator. The Cricket Association of Bengal President, Ganguly has faced a few complaints as per the interest and he was to depose them all before regulator of BCCI. As for now, the Ganguly is the Delhi capitals advisor.
As per the source, it is stated that Retd. Justice DK Jain will have a conversation with Ganguly to hear out his point before he comes up with any final decisions. It is claimed that Ganguly is the actual reason for the interest conflict that has raised for the three Kolkata based fans.
But with the written reply of Ganguly to the notice by the regulator, has cleared denied any accusation or charges.
On Wednesday, BCCI official came forward and said, "There is absolutely no bar on Sourav sitting in the DC dug-out. In any case, the matter is still pending with the Ombudsman and no law can prevent him from being present in the dug-out," He added, "But yes if he wants to sit somewhere else, it will be his call. And Justice Jain has already made it clear that one particular match is not his concern. So that makes it clear,"

The fact arises that since he has already given a reply then why is in-person deposition required after that.

The official said "It's following the principles of natural justice. Even Hardik Pandya, KL Rahul deposed in person after their written submissions.” He added, "I am not saying Ombudsman will call Sourav but he has that option before the matter is brought to a closure," 
As per others, there are no such conflicts that might be going on. Even Ganguly has not shown any sort of discomfort while working in the dual role for the match.
The board official also said, "I can't predict Ombudsman's line of decision-making but one must take into account that these allegations could be due to a disgruntled few, who are against Sourav. All these issues need to be factored in,"

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