Delhi felt cold winds at 2.6 degrees Celsius

Delhi felt cold winds at 2.6 degrees Celsius

The India Meteorological Department just confirmed that Delhites don’t need Netflix any more to chill. 2.6 degrees Celsius is enough to chill their spine.
Jokes apart. The temperature dropped to 2.6 degrees Celsius on Saturday morning in Delhi. According to the news agency IANS, it is the season’s lowest temperature. The average temperature of this season is 6.5 degrees Celsius, which makes Saturday’s temperature whooping 4 degrees less than the average.

Not just the temperature, the visibility of the area also dropped down. It was as less as 1,500 metres in the Delhi-NCR. Palam recorded less than 800 metres of visibility.

An official talking to the IANS said, “While there was shallow to moderate fog in most parts of the city, a few places saw dense fog causing visibility issues. The sky will remain clear with cold wave conditions at many places.”
Not just India, Delhi Regional Meteorological Centre also warned of “cold wave and ground frost in many pockets and severe cold wave in a few pockets” in Delhi and its nearby states till Monday.
News agency PTI reported a vehicle's crash in which seven people died and four were injured. The crash happened as there was a dense fog on the roads in Haryana.

Here is the report of some other regions where the temperature dropped below the zero:

   • Srinagar -       -7.2 degrees
   • Qazigund-       -6.2 degrees
   • Ladakh -         -17.5 degrees
   • Darjeeling -     -2 degrees

(Degrees are in Celsius)

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