Delhi Government took action in shelter home abuse case.

Delhi Government took action in shelter home abuse case.

The state governments in India start behaving deaf and dumb when they hear the word: Shelter Homes. Even after the horrific case of Bihar Shelter Home, none of the state governments has taken any strong measure to check the ongoings in shelter homes. And AAP Govt is no exception to it.

Delhi Govt came to know about the abuse in a shelter home in Dwarka when a member of the state commission for women made a surprise visit to the home on December 27. Had she not visited the shelter home, everyone would have remained ignorant about the case.
When a member of the state Commission for Women talked to teenage girls about the environment they are living in, some girls complained about women staff punishing them by applying chillies to their genitals. The girls also complained that at times, they were forced to eat chilly powder as well.
And now, after waking up from sleep, the Delhi Government told the district magistrate to take over the shelter home. According to a report by news agency PTI, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Manish Sisodia, instructed the magistrate to appoint new staff members in a shelter home and directed him to take care that none of the girls should be separated from their inmates.
The state commission for Women gave a report about the house to Delhi Government, and two days after reading the report, the Delhi Police arrested four women staff members.
Women’s commission is directed to conduct a full inquiry and submit another report within two weeks. Manish Sisodia said in a press conference, “It is the primary responsibility of the agencies specified under Section 30 of the Juvenile Justice Act to ensure the care and protection of all children residing in shelter homes in their jurisdiction and this case is an example of the gross failure of this responsibility. In view of the note submitted by the chairperson, DCW, it is directed that action be taken immediately.”
The girls in the shelter home also told the police that they were forced to do the work of Staff. They were forced to wash utensils and clothes, clean rooms and toilets.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia ordered the District Magistrate to take over Dwarka shelter home after reports of abuse of minor girls emerged. Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has been directed to conduct an inquiry & submit a report to the Government within 15 days.

— ANI (@ANI) 31 December 2018

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