Delhi is like a gas chamber, commented Supreme Court on its pollution

Delhi is like a gas chamber, commented Supreme Court on its pollution

If you are planning to buy a home in Delhi; Don’t. It's not me suggesting you because housing is going to cheapen after a year or some other real estate shift. But because Supreme Court advised it so.
The Supreme Court of India said in one of its hearing on Friday that it is better not to live in Delhi. The statement came in context to the pollution and traffic congestion problem in Delhi.
According to a report by news agency PTI, Justice Arun Mishra said in the court, “In the morning and evening, there is so much pollution and traffic congestion. I do not wish to settle in Delhi. It is difficult to live in Delhi.”
Advocate Aparajita Singh was acting as amicus curiae (assistor of court by giving advice and information). She said that Delhi has become a gas chamber because of pollution. To which Justice Mishra replied, “Yes, it is like a gas chamber.”

Adding to the same line, Mishra said that he was about to miss the swearing-in ceremony of  Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and Sanjiv Khanna the same day, as there was a lot of traffic mid his way to the court.
The advocate also pointed out that the government always says that it is taking measures to control the level the pollution, but the reality is far different.
The bench said on Government’s implementation of environmental policies, “We would like to understand. What remains to be done as per the comprehensive action plan? What is required to keep in check environment pollution in Delhi? Implementation is definitely lacking.”
The court took a tight position on the implementation of policies to curb pollution. The bench said in its statement that the Delhi government has to decide on the Rapid Rail Transport System connecting Delhi and Meerut within 10 days.
The court also ordered Delhi government to finalise a parking policy for the city and file it in the court before February 1.

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