Doctor’s protest at Hyderabad’s Osmania Hospital, Doctors wear helmets

Doctor’s protest at Hyderabad’s Osmania Hospital, Doctors wear helmets

In Hyderabad, the protest of doctors is now taking a step forward. At the Osmania Hospital, the doctors protested on Friday in which they were trying to divert their attention to the dilapidated condition of the biggest government hospital of Telangana.

In order to show their protests, the doctors wear their helmets during the working hours as they have to be multiple instances where the chunks of roof fall down on them. It has been a matter of putting the safety of patients, doctors and even the staff members at risk from time to time. On top of that, things turn more serious when a total of five people was badly injured.

Then doctors come with a solution to protest on the situation every morning for an hour during their duty timing. As the matter of fact, doctors were seen outside the hospital as well showing their protest in regard to this situation.

The building of the hospital is around 100-year-old is in the derelict condition that has managed to raise many alarms to get it in better condition. The staff in the hospital were seen donning the helmets on the hospital premises as a part to protest in which they were trying to tell about the area. On top of that, they placard the helmets with a small quote or two words written on it saying “Unsafe Zone”.

On an interesting note, only doctors and staff members were donning the helmets while the patients were left on the luck and blessing of God without any sort of safety equipment or headgear.

The main reason behind their silent protest is that the doctors of Osmania Hospital protested for around four months about the same situation with no results whatsoever. Their only demand was a proper safety at the premises. In April, Laxma Reddy, Telangana Health Minister assumed that the concerns are alarming and the solution to them will soon be addressed.

When a doctor was asked about the whole situation, the joint action committee of doctors stated, “After four months, no action has been taken and now it is a caretaker government. Who will take action now?"

Even the Hyderabad’s civic body has declared the building as an unsafe zone while the state medical infrastructure development corporation of Telangana said that total of two floors is unsafe.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao proposed to demolish the building in 2015 and shifting it into the new premises. But architects and activists opposed the idea and move to suggest renovation of the complex.

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