Dubai Is Hosting First Sleeping Challenge And The Winner Will Get A Beautiful And Comfortable Bed

Do you like sleeping? Well, who does not? But what if i tell you that you might get a bed if you sleep well? didn’t get it? Well, wait. Let me explain it. Scroll it down.


Dubai is a place known for their culture, richness, burj Khalifa, infrastructure and of course people. In short, it is one of the good place to live in. And there are number of reasons for which Dubai is famous. But i guess, the list is going to increase as one other reason will be added soon. For sleeping. Yes, literally for hosting a sleeping challenge to its residents.

I’m not sure if this is going to happen for the first time but yes, this is going to be interesting. In the competition, all you have to do is to sleep peacefully. And in reward, you will get a brand new bed for your better sleeping experience. This challenge will be happening on September 16. it will be a three hour long contest which will
“pit Dubai’s best nappers against one another to see who can enjoy the longest, most peaceful snooze.”

The director of INDEX, Samantha Kane MacDonald said- “Increasingly, the ‘right bed’ is gaining importance in homes as well as hotels worldwide. DeRUCCI has just opened its flagship shop in Dubai and this unique contest taking place at the first autumn edition of INDEX, is a great way for the bed superstore to showcase its superior quality bed range that promises to make a good night’s sleep a breeze”.

Only 4 contestant will be there to compete and sleep on the special mattresses sponsored by DeRUCCI which a luxurious furniture and mattresses retail store.  Indeed, this is going to be something special. If you’re in Dubai, don’t miss the chance to see this event.

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