Due to Trump policies, kids parted from their parents at Border, Migrants are seeking for their kids

Due to Trump policies, kids parted from their parents at Border, Migrants are seeking for their kids

In Mid-May, while crossing the Mexico-US border in Arizona, Lilian Merida-Galicia with her 7 years old daughter was separated by the US officials.

After that, Guatemalan, 23 years old is trying to search for her daughter and gather some information about her whereabouts, says the Michael Avenatti attorney. There was a point where she even sends a note to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The note stated in Spanish and seen by Reuters, "Please could you send me a phone number so that I can communicate with my daughter?"

To this, an ICE office reverted saying, “I do not have this information.”

Merida-Galicia is held in California is among those incarcerated immigrant mothers whose lawyers are telling the similar stories about kid taken away from their parents and the chaotic situation. The mothers even don’t know where the kids are being held and are extremely worried about them. Even the mother can’t connect with anyone or vice versa due to the detained immigrants is extremely difficult.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the President reversed the course that followed an outrage at overseas and home which leads to abandoning the policy of separated the parents with the kids that are separated by crossing the borders at US-Mexico. The total of 2,300 children are separated till now due to the absurd policy of Trump and no one knows a single thing about those kids.

On Friday, the federal government and Congress scrambled to address the unanswered question by the hastily order taken on Wednesday by Trump.

Luis Cortes Romero Attorney in Kent, Washington said that he is representing a mother that is separated with her 11 years old daughter that has Down syndrome when they crossed the US-Mexico Border at Texas. The woman is then held in Washington where she said that she doesn’t want to pursue asylum and just wanted to be reunited with her daughter and deported.

Romero said, "She said she never wants to come back, and that this experience has been so traumatizing,"

On Friday, Trump tweeted, "We cannot allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections,"

It is still not clear what government is going to do, are they going to reunite the kids or not is still a mystery.

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