Enuchs, elections and a Saga of degrading political manners.

Enuchs, elections and a Saga of degrading political manners.

A BJP MLA Sadhna Sadhna Singh said that BSP leader is “worse than eunuchs”.
In a rally on Saturday, the MLA said, “She (Mayawati) has no self-respect... she was almost molested earlier and yet... in history, when Draupadi was molested, she took a vow to seek revenge... but this woman, she lost everything, but still sold her dignity for the sake of power. We strongly condemn Mayawati Ji. She is a blot on womankind. A woman who gulped insults for comfort and power... is a blot on womankind.”
Now that you have known what the controversy was all about, here is something that you must have noticed in colleges-debate clubs etc.
In a well mannered political debate done in debate clubs, when one side quote’s another side, a special phrase is used: “My learned friend”. Even if the other side is not, the phrase ‘my learned friend’ is used to acknowledge that 1) You respects another side, and you think they are learned at least on the very topic the debate is about and 2) You are not enemies. One shall not be an enemy of other just because of a short-lived debate.
There is a lot of contrast between the two phrases: “My learned friend” and “worse than eunuchs”. What’s the reason the reason behind this degradation. Let’s speculate a few.
No filters:
To get entry into a debate club, you have to pass certain criteria. There are a number of filters you have to pass through. But there is no such thing in Politics. Anyone comes on stage, and anyone speaks whatever comes first in their mind.
If someone uses derogatory language, His/her membership is instantly cancelled. But does same happens in politics?
Sadhana Singh released a statement saying, “My intention was not to insult anyone. I only wanted to remind Mayawati Ji of the support BJP provided to her after the unfortunate guest house incident on June 5, 1995. I apologise if my words have caused grief to anyone.”
So, her intention was not to insult anyone. Didn’t see that coming!
BJP  has not yet released an official statement. And the National Commission for Women has said it will send a notice to Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Sadhana Singh for her derogatory remarks.
That’s all. An MLA said so and so about a national level leader and got away with it without any severe backfire.
Aren’t Eunuchs Humans?
Another thing that is missing from the talk is that everyone is saying that the MLA shouldn’t have said so and so about Mayawati Devi. But about Eunuchs. Sadhna Singh just didn’t insult Mayawati, she insulted the whole community of Eunuchs. He exact remark was “worse than eunuchs”. That means Eunuchs are bad and Mayawati is far 'bad' than them.
What’s bad in Eunuchs?
According to a report by ThingsAsian, “India is the only country where the tradition of eunuchs is prevalent today. There are about 1 million of them.
Eunuchs, or hijras as they are called here, have become something to be feared. Nobody wants to be accosted by one of them - be nudged with their elbows, stroked on the cheek, taunted, cursed and flashed.
It's by taking advantage of this discomfort and embarrassment at their existence, that hijras in 21st Century India are making their living. Begging isn't their only source of income. It's an age-old custom in the country to have hijras bless childbirths, weddings, housewarmings and other auspicious occasions. The eunuchs are believed to possess occult powers, and their blessings - and curses - are both considered potent.”
But they are making their living out of begging or blessings because they don’t have any other choice. In a society where even leaders say on record “worse than eunuchs”. What chances do eunuchs have of making a better living?
Conclusion:  The National Commission of Women can say that the statement is condemnable, but I would argue that her statement is punishable. A journalist is booked under National Security Acy because he was a critique of Government, but a leader got away with her ‘crtique’ just because the subject of ‘critique’ was not government this time. As a society member and a voter, we should and must fight for two things. One – for pushing words like “my learned friend” in political discourse and two – for giving eunuchs the place they deserve.

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