EU finally crack down on internet hater, tech majors face terror laws to commit too

EU finally crack down on internet hater, tech majors face terror laws to commit too

The European Union is all set to come out with some major changes in their internet policies. They are planning to set out a major law that can change the face of EU internet home in a short time especially the top social media platforms – big or small. They will be fined if they were unable to take down any sort of content from their platform that pointed out toward terrorism or promotes it. This came out as a shock to those who have no idea. EU is planning to unveil it at the start of September.

However, there are no official statement or details out yet but as for now, it is assumed that they will be as per the guidelines of EU only from this year. Some of the people knew about the policies with the condition to not declare their details in such a time.

In March, EU issued some of the guidelines that give around an hour to the companies to serve the notification provided to them by the authorities such as beheading videos and any content that is anywhere near to the terrorist conditions. If they fail to do so then there can be some legal consequences for them.

The EU’s anti-terrorism czar, Gilles de Kerchove said, "It’s true that the positive role that some of the big companies are playing today is incomparable to the situation three years ago,” “But so is the scale, breadth and complexity of the problem.” An additional step in the response is “essential,” 

As per the tech giants, there are trying to come up with changes that can help them to wipe out the whole propaganda around terrorism messages and videos from their social media platform. The automated tools are a big help to them to achieve their motive and detect many contents easily that is unfit for their audience to use or see.

The Head of Edima, Saida El Ramly said, “We haven’t had any major incidents to rush legislation,” It is a European trade association that represents many tech online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

She added, “This proposal seems rushed and its publication in the fall much too early to take into account the outcomes of already ongoing EU initiatives,” There are many EU states that have to be vocal about the danger that lurked in the social media sites for years.

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