Everything To Know About Karnataka Elections 2018 - Exit Polls

Everything To Know About Karnataka Elections 2018 - Exit Polls

Elections are a very important part of Indian democracy and over the years we have seen different elections being held at different points of time. This year there has been a major election on the calendar and that is the Karnataka Election of 2018. On 12 May 2018 in 222 constituencies out of 224 of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, elections were declared to be held popularly. Interestingly, reports have suggested that this year's Karnataka election is the most expensive state election ever held in the country.

The amount of money spent by the political parties and individual candidates has amounted to a whopping 9,500-10,000 crores. This has been declared as twice the amount spent in the last Assembly poll of 2013. Thousands of EVM machines have been already commissioned by the election committee and distributed all over the state. Therefore as you can understand that the election of such a high calibre holds a significant importance in every contesting political parties in Karnataka.

The Political Candidates and Parties

The parties that have participated in the 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections include Bharatiya Janata Party with 42 seats and Janata Dal with 29 seats. With the allies formed they will oppose the humongous Indian National Congress with 119 seats and the Aam Aadmi Party, who are going to mark their political debut by participating for the first time in Karnataka. The other parties include Bahujan Samaj Party who have made an alliance with the JDS and together they have decided do contest over 20 seats out of the total 224 seats.

Candidates Participating In the Elections

The Karnataka elections have some heavyweight and popular political leaders contesting to win the Karnataka assembly. Other popular leaders from the BJP include- Jagadish Shettar who is the leader of Opposition and the former chief minister from Hubli-Dharwad-Central, G.Somashekara Reddy and G.Karunakara Reddy- the famous Reddy brothers who were heavily involved in illegal mining, from Bellary City and Harapanahalli respectively.

From Congress, there are also various popular leaders and the list of heavyweights for Karnataka Elections 2018 including Rahim Khan (Bidar), H.K Patil (Gadag), R.V Deshpande (Haliyal), who is the five times lawmaker KB Koliwad from Ranebennur and Anil H Lad from Bellary City. Among the important leaders from Janata Dal are - S Madhu Bangarappa, who is the son of former Chief Minister S. Bangarappa who is contesting from the Sorab constituency. Also HD. Kumaraswamy, the party state president.

Exit Poll Results Of Karnataka Elections

The exit poll results for the Karnataka Elections have been very interesting. Even though it cannot be declared with absolute firmness, but assumptions have been made by different exit polls. There has been an increasing interest among the people living in Karnataka whether Congress or BJP will gain the majority. Exit polls have shown that BJP will overtake Congress and acquire 120 seats across all constituencies which has been highly supported by many BJP leaders as well. Whereas Congress and the leaders of Janata Dal have been silent about their claim and decided to wait for the results day to arrive. However, it has been seen in the exit polls that Congress can manage around 85-87 seats in the assembly, on the other hand Janata Dal can only acquire 31-35 seats.

We are all aware that it is a very heated moment right now in Karnataka with parties revamping their rules and regulations and encouraging their leaders to win over various constituencies. All parties are hopeful to win the Karnataka Elections 2018 in a magic number which will ensure the party to govern the state of Karnataka for the coming 5 years.

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