Everything You Need to Know About KSI VS Logan Paul Boxing Fight: Dates, Venue, Streaming Details and Tickets

Everything You Need to Know About KSI VS Logan Paul Boxing Fight: Dates, Venue, Streaming Details and Tickets

Well, Yes! It is boxing but not as we know it. Actually, it is the boxing match between two Youtube  Stars. Their fans are already thrilled and eagerly waiting for the fight event. Social media is bursting with the hype among fans, as matter of fact, why not? After all, it is the biggest Youtube Event of all time involving the big time Youtube stars.



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You guessed it right! It is the boxing match in-between the YouTube Sensation KSI and the social media star Logan Paul.
Let’s know every possible question popping up in your head.



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Why the match KSI VS Logan Paul is happening in the first place?

Starting from the start, it was KSI who has first challenged Logan Paul at the Copper Box Arena in London on 3rd February, present along with his fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. However, he challenged to fight with Logan Paul, his younger brother Jake or any other from the Paul Family. Apparently, Logan has decided to fight KSI and accepted the challenge.

When and Where will be this KSI VS Logan Paul epic YouTube Battle?

The KSI VS Logan Paul boxing fight is actually the two-part amateur boxing match between the British YouTube star KSI and American social media star Logan Paul. The first fight o this grand event will be held on August 25, 2018, at the Manchester Arena, Manchester in England. The match will start at 7 pm at the venue. The second fight will be held on 4 February 2019 in the US where the venue hasn’t been decided yet. Both fighters have signed the contract where the prize money is still in dispute.

Earlier before when the fight was initially fixed with Jake Paul, the venue was decided at the neutral place like Dubai. Both were agreed on the neutral fighting spot for the match. KSI actually has said before the match fixed that if the match got fixed between him and Logan Paul, he will book the larger venue than East London’s Copper Box with 7,500 sitting capacity. That’s the place where he has his earlier match with his fellow YouTuber Joe Weller.

Where you will get the Tickets and how much it costs?

The highly anticipated Youtube event featuring two huge Social media stars will be in great demand as no doubt. The venue is Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The price for the tickets ranges in-between £34 - £516. It varies according to where the seats located. 

Where will it stream and How much it cost you?

The fight is gonna stream on YouTube and that will totally FREE.

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