Exit poll, investor minded stock market, stock market at record highs

Exit poll, investor minded stock market, stock market at record highs

The outcome of the Lok Sabha elections will be on May 23. Earlier, the Indian stock market is getting increasingly vibrant. On the second trading day of the week, the Sensex has gained 200 points in the initial minutes at 39,550 level. This is the first time in the stock market history when the Sensex has recorded such a big margin. Earlier, the Sensex remained below 39,500. If you talk about the Nifty, then 52 points have come up to 11,880 level. This is the highest level of Nifty so far.

Talking about the rise in Tuesday's turnover, HDFC, Bajaj Finance, HUL, Reliance, Bajaj Auto and Sun Pharma are the two companies in the business. HDFC shares were trading with a turnover of around 3%. On the red mark, the shares traded on Tata Motors, Yes Bank, Tata Steel, Airtel, and Infosys remained.

Will Senses cross  40 thousand?

The Sensex has gained more than 2200 points in the past three trading days. If you talk about the Nifty, then it has climbed about 800 points. If market analysts believe that the continuation of the lead continues, then the stock market will touch the magic figure of 40 thousand before the election results. At the same time, investors expect that the Sensex can cross 40,000 today, two days before the results.

Sensex up 1422 points

Earlier on Monday, the Sensex closed at the end of the trading with a gain of 1421, at 39,352 level. The Nifty rose 421 points to level at 11,828. In Nifty, this is the second fastest pace in terms of a digit in one day.

At the same time, the Sensex closed at the 10-year high level. During the Monday business, the banking sector was the fastest growing stock. IndusInd Bank's shares closed with a rise of 8.64 percent, while SBIN's share increased by more than 8 percent. On Monday, the rise of this fast was seen by the investors and the property increased more than Rs 5 lakh crore.

Actually, the results of the exit poll for the Lok Sabha elections are indicative of the return of Modi Government and its impact has been seen on the Indian stock market.

Investors hope that the withdrawal of NDA's power led by Narendra Modi will continue to accelerate economic reforms and the activities that were initiated in the first term will be further extended to them. Apart from this, the Reserve Bank of India can cut the repo rate while the enthusiasm among the investors has also increased due to the Modi government's expectations of a change in the GST slab.

Value of Rupee

Meanwhile, the rupee stabilized against the US dollar on Tuesday. On Tuesday, the rupee opened at Rs 69.74 per dollar in initial trade. In the last session, the rupee was closed at a level of 69.74 per dollar. Let us know that the exit of the NDA government in the exit poll has seen a huge increase of rupee 49 paise on Monday. This is the biggest fast of two months.


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