Family Death in Delhi, Occult Link pointed out by the Handwritten Notes Found At Home

Family Death in Delhi, Occult Link pointed out by the Handwritten Notes Found At Home

In the North Delhi Burari, a family of 11 members were found dead. There were a bunch of handwritten notes discovered from their home that has given a spike to the news and helped in proceeding with the investigation further. All notes pointed out towards the strange religious belief that simply states the motive of the deaths. Initially, police thought that it was a mass suicide or a mass murder that is done by some family member who later committed suicide.

10 out of 11 members – six women, two men, and two teens – were hanging in the courtyard of the house with a blindfold and taped mouth. Out of them, there were bodies that were found with legs and hands tied together. 11th member was an old woman Narayan Devi, 77, who was found in another room. Police claimed that she was strangled.

"The human body is temporary and one can overcome fear by covering their eyes and mouth," one of the notes, these provide a very strange clue towards the death scenario.

As reported by the police, they claim that all the notes talk about salvation and how the human body is just temporary with the soul that will live forever.

Police reported, "The notes say if a group of 11 people follows these rituals, all problems would ease out and they would attain salvation. Some notes have dates on which they were written while others didn't have it. All the notes talk about reaching the end and gaining peace,"

Police are searching for clues that can point out to a specific occult or godmen practitioners.

Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) quoted, "We have found handwritten notes detailing how hands and legs are to be tied and are quite similar to the manner in which the bodies of 10 persons were found. They are exhaustive notes and we are studying them,"

The police have filed a case of murder for a time being but there are few that still suspected it to be suicide. An officer stated, “It is possible that the elderly woman was strangulated since she was not in a condition to climb the stool. We are probing whether the children were killed or were convinced to take the extreme step,"

The family member was – Narayan Devi, 77, on the floor. Daughter Pratibha, 57 with sons Lalit Bhatia, 45 and Bhavesh, 50.

Bhavesh’s wife Savita, 48 with kids – Nidhi, 25, Meenu, 23 and Dhruv, 15.

Lalit’ wife Tina, 42 with the kid – Shivam, 15.

Pratibha’s daughter was also found dead who was engaged and was to be married by the end of this year, Priyanka, 33.

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