Female World Cup reporter groped by Russian, he apologised

Female World Cup reporter groped by Russian, he apologised

On Friday, a Russian football was forced to apologise to a German TV Correspondent that covered World Cup female reports after he groped and forcefully kissed her during a live World Cup telecast.

The Colombian journalist Julieth Gonzalez Theran received an apology saying “I offer you most profound apologies” in a video call that was displayed by Deutsche Welle, a broadcaster. He added to it that he actually behaved carelessly and said that he didn’t think that his action may put you in a shock or confused state.

Theran was in the Russian city of Saransk and was reporting to her work when the man came out of nowhere and suddenly grabbed one of her arms and by other he started to fondle her breasts and kissed her on the cheek.

His actions have immediately condemned a spark as a sexual harassment by the international channel of German. Not only this, the clip went viral and people were circulating it throughout the social media by degrading the man.

In his defence, a man came forward and stated that it was a bet with his friends that he has gone to the reporter and kiss her on the cheek. He waited patiently for her to go on-air and as soon as that happens he simply springer to her to complete the bet.

He also added that he actually thought that he has grabbed her shoulder with his handed but it was a miss and not an act of harassment by any mean from his side.

On this, Theran stated that she appreciated that he has guts to apologise and is determined to move on from this episode without letting it ruin her life or sticking to this one thing for life. She said, “I refuse to be a victim, I just want to continue with my job”.

This incident come out at the time when #MeToo was rounding on the social media on the sexual harassment of the female that left the world completely shocked. The victims come out of their shell and told their stories. There were many famous names, leading figures in the industry and arts including celebrities.

The report has given a lesson to every female out that instead of hiding in a shell, you must simply move on. Even the man seems genuine but the real story is only known to him.

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