First Same-Sex in British Royal Family, everyone giving their full support

First Same-Sex in British Royal Family, everyone giving their full support

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a history when they got married as being the first black and to top it all an American woman to be married in the Royal family of British. It’s not even a month and royal family is yet again announcing another historic union of Lord Ivar Mountbatten to be married to his partner for two years James Coyle. They will become the first monarchy same-sex couple after their wedding later in the summer.

Mountbatten said in an interview that the ceremony will take place in a private chapel on his estate in Devon. It also comes to notice that the core Royal family that includes Queen Elizabeth II and her direct descendants to not attend the ceremony. However, as per the reports, the family is being supported by the couple and have given their blessing to the union.

Mountbatten is a third cousin if Queen and is descendant of Queen Victoria is also the first Royal that publically announced his gay status in 2016. However, he is a father of three kids with his former wife Penny Mountbatten who supported his relationship with Coyle. Even last week, she said in an interview that is playing to walk Mountbatten down the aisle that is suggested by their daughters.

This will surely go down in the book of history where the first Royal is marrying in same sex with no raise eyebrows in the UK. As per the survey, 60 per cent of UK citizen are completely fine with the same-sex marriage and doesn’t find anything wrong with it. Around four years back, same-sex marriage was legalized in any parts of United Kingdom. However, Northern Ireland is still far behind but since 2005 there is a civil partnership.

To be married to his love, Mountbatten has distanced himself from the throne so that his marriage doesn’t raise any issues with the constitution. As per the law of royal family in 1772, that is known as Royal Marriages Act, means that the first six people that are claimed to the successor need to receive permission from the ruling monarch to get married. Even Markle and Prince Harry receive theirs in March.

Mountbatten is not in the number and already has kids hence, his marriage to Coyle is not dependent on the leaders. No matter what, Mountbatten has managed to create a historical moment.

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