For the Superhuman called Mom! Happy Mother's Day

Can there ever be enough reasons to celebrate the one infinite love of your life, the love of a mother? Likewise, a single day is not enough to honour the woman who is your rock in your toughest times, your cushion when you need to be coddled, your mentor when you need some friendly advice, your coach when you have to set foot on your battlefield, an angel when you need to face your fears; whether the monster under the bed or the monster at your workplace. When you think about it, that’s probably why any Hindu Goddess, often referred to as “Maa” or Mother is depicted having several hands portraying the many roles and responsibilities imbibed in one soul.

How many of us let our moms know, every single day, that how much we appreciate the breakfast, dinner and lunch she lovingly prepares and serves every single day? Do we care to ask her everyday if her feet still hurt or did that cut on her hand, heal? When did you last ask her where did she want to go on a vacation? Rather, did she want to go on a vacay? Did you ask her if she wants to shop for a new piece of jewellery? When did you last gift her something without any rhyme or reason? May be she misses an old friend and wants to meet her/him? Did you help her connect with those friends? Do you remember cooking her a piping hot meal?

Answer these few questions for a reality check! If your answer is in negative for these, then you exactly know why we celebrate Mothers’ Day! Let this day not be just another day that has been commercialised and made to become a fad. Let it not just be about posting mushy statuses on social media. Shed the pretence and embrace true feelings of gratitude. The lucky one's who have felt the love of their mother, it is this day that you thank her for the many sacrifices she has made for you, for the many times she has saved that last piece of cake for you, the several times she has stayed up with you on your troubled nights, for every time she has called to check up on you; if you had reached home safely, if you had your dinner on time. Thank her for she has mentioned you in her prayers every time she shut her eyes. A gift from you would definitely bring a smile on her face, but a heartfelt thank you is what will stay with her for the rest of her life.

For those who have not had the presence of a mother in your life, you perhaps had someone who filled in her shoes. Your elder sister who has cared for you like you were her offspring or your father who was both, a mother and father to you, and did a great job in both those roles. The grandparents who have doted you, probably a little more than they did their own kids, the next door neighbour who has offered you meals cause she knew you were too tired to cook one for yourself, the years old maid who has shown affection and kindness more than just as an employee. So many people who have maybe not perfected the guise of a mother but have come as close as one could get. Thank them too. Let them know they are your hero because they have loved you not for reasons of blood but for the feelings of heart!

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