Former Indian Cricketer said that Ravi Shastri must be removed as head coach

Former Indian Cricketer said that Ravi Shastri must be removed as head coach

Ravi Shastri, the Indian Cricketer Head Coach, has been in the main focus from the time the storm hit Indian team hard. The Virat Kohli lead team lost the five-match test series with England at the host place itself with 1-4 drubbing was the biggest storm to hit Ravi Shastri. It is not just cricket fans that are against the former cricketer but many of the topmost former cricketers are saying that he must not be onboard any longer. Chetan Chauhan, the former Indian Cricketer also said that it was Ravi Shastri who was responsible for the whole ordeal and he must be removed from the team as the coach after the 4-1 debacle. He must not be the part of an Australian tour that is planned to be in November.

He said, “Ravi Shastri should be removed as head coach before the Australia tour. Ravi Shastri is very good cricket commentator and he should be allowed to do so,"

Chauhan is one of the latest cricketers that has demanded to remove Shastri after former Captain Sourav Ganguly and Virendra Sehwag also mentioned something like this.

He added, "Team India should have performed better. Both the teams were evenly matched. But the Indian team failed to check tail enders of England,"

The former test opener was also criticized Shastri for calling out on the Virat led team that is playing for India and have managed to earn a lot of respect with their performance and hard work as the “best travelling team in the world”.

He said, "I do not agree. In the 1980s, the Indian team was the best travelling team in the world," 

There is no doubt that Indian thumping win over England in the third Test at Trend Bridge on 16th August 2018, Shastri claimed that the present Indian team is the best travelling team in this world that actually held a lot of criticizing comments from former players.

On commenting about the chances that India have on the ongoing Asian cup championship in Dubai, Chauhan didn’t hold his lounge and said that he had played over 40 test matches and have scored 2,084 runs between the year 1969 and 1981, he expects better results from the team since they have experience and young talent in their pouch.

In 1981, Chauhan played his last test against New Zealand in Auckland which happens to be his debut test as well in Mumbai against the same team in 1969. 

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