Former Prime Minister Attacked Prime Minister Modi over note ban and black money

Former Prime Minister Attacked Prime Minister Modi over note ban and black money

Now the fight among Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress is joined by the Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who sharply criticized the Central government on the job data and demonetization. He added that the state affairs in the country are also a powerful indication of the way BJP-led government.

On taking about data of jobs that were created under the current government, Singh said that the number has put out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi government are under the radar and not at all satisfactory.

"People are not impressed with the figures that are being put out by the Modi government to justify the creation of a large number of jobs,"

Even on the biggest note ban in India in 2016 is the biggest problem for the country as added by him. Days after the RBI – Reserve Bank of India said that over 99 per cent of the banned cash was back in the system is not something he agrees on.
"Nothing concrete has been done to bring back the promised billions of dollars allegedly held abroad as black money,"

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He accused the current government of the bad implementation of the GST - Goods and Services Tax. "Programmes, like Make in India and Stand Up India, are yet to make a meaningful impact on industrial production growth. Small and marginal enterprises are yet to derive significant benefit from the ease of doing business schemes. The hasty implementation of demonetisation and GST has hurt enterprises."

This is definitely not the first time when Singh has taken on Modi for the GST and ban on the notes. These are the most coercive step that is taken by the government and broke the backs of business as he said last year.

He added, "Our neighbourhood is far less secure than it was in 2014. Our relations with neighbours have deteriorated in the last four years. The Modi government has failed to address issues relating to a creative use of science and technology for national transformation. Academic freedom is sought to be curbed. The environment in our universities is being vitiated." He added that "is a powerful indictment of the Modi government's performance." He even said that he is ready to have a national debate with Modi government on many more issues that are taking over the country in the worst way possible.

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