Four people arrested in Bulandshahr Violence case

Four people arrested in Bulandshahr Violence case

The Uttar Police arrested four people in the case of alleged Cow slaughter (The main accused in the violence case is still free, yet). According to a report by the Hindustan Times, the police arrested four people on Monday from Bulanddhahr district.


Police IG told the media that four-persons- Sajid Ali, Sarfuddin, Asif and Nanhe- are arrested. These four persons are arrested as a complaint was filed against them by Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj. Yogesh is the main accused in Violence preparation, he is roaming free yet.


As per the reports of The Indian Express, Sarfuddin denied his involvement in any such case. He said that he was in Bulandshahr to attend a religious ceremony organised from 30th of No to 4th of Dec. He said that he himself came to Police station as he was summoned by the Police.


Yogesh Raj, the Bajrang Dal leader, filed a First Information Report against them claiming that he saw them along with three other guys butchering a cow in the forests near Mahaw. He said that he was there along with his other friends for a walk.


Yogesh, however, contradicted himself in a statement where he said that we went to the Jungle after someone told him about the slaughtering of Cows. He gave the second statement on Wednesday.




After the News of Cow Butchering spread in the area, people gathered in large number and started to protest. They blocked the Bulanshahr Highway. After some time, the protests turned violent.


Two persons died in the violence followed by Protests. A young 20-year-old guy Sumit Kumar and Police Inspector Subodh Kumar were the two casualties.






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