From rebel to trusted leader, Thakor changed his relations with Congress

From rebel to trusted leader, Thakor changed his relations with Congress

Amongst other physical phenomena, ‘pendulam’ is the most seen phenomenon in Indian Politics.
Still not sure what I am talking about? Here is the phenomenon explained in simpler words: A pendulum is a thing that oscillates back and forth under specific forces. But that’s physics. In terms of Indian politics; a pendulum is a politician who oscillates back and forth against an ideology under the force called ‘elections’.
And the news is, Congress MLA in Gujarat and OBC leader Alpesh Thakor, who was seen recently in media for criticizing leadership in Congress, met Congress Rahul Gandhi and praised their mutual relation in media.
The two young leaders met in New Delhi on Thursday. Talking to the media in Gujrat airport, Thakor said, “I apprised Rahul Gandhi of the current situation in Gujarat and how the Congress can win in the state in Lok Sabha elections. I also shared my views about the ways to strengthen the party and how we can start preparations for the elections.”
"Rahul Gandhi said he has immense trust in me. He offered to give me any responsibility for my choice. Such offers are rare to come by in politics. I told him I want to work only in Gujarat. But he asked me to continue with Bihar too. He even indicated that I would be given the responsibility of other states, which he will discuss with me after he comes back from Dubai." Thakor added.
When media asked Thakor why he was criticizing the state earlier, Thakor said that he was not trying to be the rebel. "I am an honest man. I will speak if something is not going in the right direction. If we do not speak, how would we correct our mistakes? I only spoke the truth. It should not be labeled as a rebellion," Thakor claimed.
Just a few weeks ago, Thakor has seen media saying that his OBC community is feeling as if they are cheated by their leadership, indirectly hinting at the Gujrat leaders of Congress. He also criticized the party, saying that a weak leader is there at the top.

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