G Parameshwara is confident that Karnataka government will be able to complete 5 years amid its discontent within Congress

Even with the restlessness in the congress JD(S) alliance over ministerial berths, On Saturday, G Parameshwara, Deputy Chief Minister Karnataka, said that they are pretty confident on completing the time span of five years as a government.

He claimed that the issues will take time to be resolved and by then it will be almost five years’ time. However, the Congress lawmakers are facing discontent that was left out while the Cabinet expansion which was shown with open dissatisfaction and separate meetings.

Parameshwara also commented on the disagreement within the party and said that the alliance government has to understand the situation as then react to it. They are trying to convince the ministerial berths. Hence, they are still seeing it as an opportunity. Also, as per his statement, it is likely to see the changes in the minister in two years.

It is likely that Rahul Gandhi will change some of the ministers in two years. This will depend upon the performance of the people. Also, there will be an evaluation of the work in every 6 months to ensure the growth. It is a great way to have an opportunity and prove themselves.

On Friday, the leaders of Congress followed Parameshwara to meet MB Patil, the former minister that is a leader of the nonconformist MLAs that are not ready for surrender. There were many leaders that try to pacify the leaders including HD Kumaraswamy Chief Minister.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, the working President of Karnataka Congress is seen as a perfect candidate to the Pradesh Committee chiefs post was also present in the Delhi meet the high command of the party.

In the past few months, there are many leaders that have dropped down in the Congress including MP Patil, Ramalinga Reddy, Dinesh Guddu Rao, HK Patil, R Roshan Baig, Tanvir Sait, Satish Jarkhiholi, Shamanur Sivashankarappaand, etc.

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