Geoffrey Boycott, “India Deserves The Thrashing They Are Getting’, India VS England

Geoffrey Boycott, “India Deserves The Thrashing They Are Getting’, India VS England

Geoffrey Boycott, former England cricketer is a well-known name in the world. He lashed out at the India cricket team after such a humiliating inning played by them and 159 runs loss at the hands of England in just the second test at the Lord’s. the boycott has an experience of 108 tests and 36 ODIs for the England team slammed Indian batting performance and even termed them as a ‘naïve, irresponsible and bordering on stupidity’. He added that all the thrashing received by Team India, they all deserve it after the performance given by them in the Test series.

Boycott added in his column, "India has come to England complacently and arrogantly thinking they can bat the same way and everything will be OK on the day. Any time you do not plan and work at your cricket, the game will kick you up the backside, and India deserve the thrashing they are getting," 

So far, the Indian players have let themselves and their supporters down. The batting has been so naive and irresponsible, it has bordered on stupidity. Wafting drives attempting outswingers is thoughtless,"

There is no doubt that India is on the verge of losing the test series against England after losing a total of two first test in the series. One more loss and the series will be out of their hands.

However, they did show a lot of fight that is done by them at Edgbaston but the embarrassing loss in the test in Lord’s has really being a shattering point for the team. They are hoping to stave the series defeat in the third test match that starts at Trent Bridge. However, their performance has highly demotivated their fans and all of them have lashed out on the team for their gameplay.

The Capitan of India cricket team, Virat Kohli only managed to score 54 per cent of the total in the first inning at the Edgbaston tests. The actual score made by Kohli was 149 in the 2255 balls run off in the first inning while other players were simply huge disappointment with the total of 125 runs in 235 balls.

In the second innings, Kohli fights off only 51 runs in the total 93 balls while the other batsmen were only at 111 runs of 233 balls. Kohli wasn’t much of the help to the Indian team in the second inning since he only scored 40 runs in the match. The third match of the inning will be on 18th August at Trent Bridge.

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