Give guns to the teachers; Trump’s solution to gun culture in schools

Give guns to the teachers; Trump’s solution to gun culture in schools

According to research done by the Washington Post, more than 2 million students have been involved in various school shooting cases, directly or indirectly, since 1999.
To stop this massacre, US President Donald Trump has set up a safety panel, whose work is to suggest safety measures and steps to control this thing. And the safety panel has recommended that schools should hire staff from the army or should give arms to the school staff itself.

The safety panel was set up in February after the tragic massacre in Parkland, Florida when a former student shot dead 17 people. A number of people protested against this gun culture, and as a result, Trump set up the panel. The panel consists of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
The protestors against the gun culture demanded that the age bar required to purchase a gun should be levelled up but the panel rejected the idea. The panel said in its two hundred pages report that most school shooters had borrowed the gun from their family members or relatives, so the age factor doesn’t matter here at all.
The panel suggested that along with arming staff, the school also should give arms to the teachers. They said it is necessary "for the sake of efficiency and immediately responding to violence."
The panel suggested that schools should hire veterans, military officers and police officers. Along with providing safety, they can also do the work of teaching.
It is no wonder that America is going under such Transition under Trump’s regime. After all, America generates most of its income from selling military products to other countries. Remember the press conference made by Trump in which he boasted about how Saudi Arabia has invested 100 billion dollars in arms industry in America?

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