GM broke the history by becoming the first auto company to have a female CEO and a female CFO

GM broke the history by becoming the first auto company to have a female CEO and a female CFO

There is no doubt that the women are ruling almost all the sectors now. The global industry is not far away and they are managing titanic responsibilities with the leading positions.

The car world got the news that left everyone speechless. On Wednesday, Chuck Stevens, CFO of General Motors will take retirement and now was succeeded by Dhivya Suryadevara 39-years-old. With this GM is not run by two women, CEO Mary Barra and CFO Suryadevara.

Also, from the c-suite team, men round out including President and in-house futurist Dan Ammann, Vice-President and product guru Mark Reuss, planning out new opportunities for the self-driven car programs.

Also, Barra and Suryadevara will talk with the Wall Street after the 1st September when officially duties will be released by the former CFO Stevens. In 2014, he got this job when the first women CEO Barra came into play of the automaker.

Every automaker is talking about how the executive leadership of GM is different from them and are quite impressed with the pre-bankruptcy company. If talking about gender balance, GM and Crosstown rival Ford are closest currently with the company mobility efforts overseen by Marcy Klevorn.

The move made by GM is highly impressive with people claiming that the best CEO ever for the GM is Barra who is dealing with the massive switch-roll when she started the role. She managed to take a tough decision and is highly appreciated for it.

She even pushed the GM to change the landscape of transportation with the launch of electric, long-range Chevy Bolt. Earlier, GM’s Vice President of corporate finance seat was given to Suryadevara from 2017. She was a key support to Barra while her decision in the GM investment using her Harvard MBA knowledge.

Well, she has proved that she deserved the seat and hope that in future we will be able to see the risk-taking nature by both the women.

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