Good News for American Press, Court orders to give CNN correspondent a temporary pass

Good News for American Press, Court orders to give CNN correspondent a temporary pass

Friday happened to be “Good Friday” for the media of United States of America. The matter of “CNN and Jim Acosta vs White House and Donald Trump” was under jurisdiction in a federal court. The federal judge ordered the White House to reinstate CNN correspondent Jims Acosta’s press pass. It was confirmed by the media house of CNN itself.
The judge was Timothy Kelly. Timothy didn’t pass any final verdict on the case but granted a temporary restraining order against the White House’s action as requested by CNN. 
It was 7th of November when the US President Donald Trump was addressing to media and CNN’s correspondent Jim Acosta asked a question that made Donald Trump uncomfortable. Donald called CNN’s correspondent a “rude and terrible person”. Jim Acosta didn’t stop to ask questions even after Trump’s remarks.
Later on that day, White House cancelled Jim Acosta’s press pass. CNN retaliated to this move of White House and Donald Trump. The media house filed a case against them, claimed that First and Fifth amendments to the United States Constitution had been violated.
A temporary pass has been given to Acosta as the judge Kelly thinks that that most probably, CNN and Acosta will prevail in the case.
Jim Acosta was quite cheered up by the decision of the court. Commenting on his further plans, Acosta said, “Let’s get back to work,”
Sanders addressed the court’s decision of issuing a temporary pass. She said that is true that the White House would temporarily reinstate Acosta’s press pass. However, she added: “We will also further develop rules and processes to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future. There must be decorum at the White House.”

What are the amendments?
The First Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits the federal government from making laws abridging the freedom of the press. The Fifth Amendment protects individuals from being compelled to be witnesses against themselves in criminal cases.

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