Goregaon rally: Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi saying he does not respect his guru

Goregaon rally: Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi saying he does not respect his guru

The Congress-BJP verbal fight is just taking a new turn every single day. There are not leaving any stone unturned to put other at a tight spot. In the rally in Goregaon, Rahul Gandhi Congress President addressed the booth worker. He slammed PM Narendra Modi government on several issues.

He addresses Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister, who is in AIIMS for the treatment. He claimed that no matter what happened in the past elections when Congress was against Vajpayee, he kept his grudges aside and was the first one to visit the former PM. Congress respects their opponent and that is their ideology.

Not only this, but he said the PM Modi does not respect his guru L K Advani as he has observed in many events. He also said that Advani is respected among Congress Leader too and he feels sad for him.

He bashes Modi by saying that Modi is simply lying to the country and that is the difference between Congress and BJP. Congress always supports the truth. He also questions Modi’s claim of employment to two crore people. He also said that apart from unemployment the country is still going through a hard time with the rise in petrol, diesel and inflation prices.

He also that as per the Lok Sabha records, the rate of unemployment is the highest right now. He also named the Make in India as a sham and only the hard work was done by farmers was a reason that it achieved something.

He even compares Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya and Mehul Choksi with PM Modi, as he did not take any action. He said the one day he will also run away with all the money. He also refers the Karnataka elections saying that he is positive that BJP will lose the election in 2019. He then refers to the media and said that BJP does not allow them to write their mind openly, which was not the case during Congress rule.

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