Hasina took oath as Bangladesh Prime Minister

Hasina took oath as Bangladesh Prime Minister

Sheikh Hasina took oath as a 10th Prime Minister of Bangladesh on Monday. It is her third consecutive term and overall fourth term as Prime Minister. The elections were held in Bangladesh on December 30 and Sheikh Hasina’s Party, the Awami League, came out as a winning party.
She has held the Prime Ministerial office since January 2009. She is the longest-serving prime minister in the history of Bangladesh. Bangladesh's first President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the father of Sheikh Hasina.

Under the administration of President Mohammed Abdul Hamid, Hasina took the oath of office at Bangabaghan, Hamid’s official residence in Dhaka. Along with Hasina, 24 ministers, three ministers and 19 ministers of states also took the oath to Office.

As per the reports of news agency PTI,  31 members of the new Cabinet are new faces. Hasina has retained the seat of Defence Minister.
The alliance led by Hasina’s party won over 90 per cent of the total seats. But the oppositions parties have claimed that the Awami league had rigged the elections. In protest of rigging the elections, many opposition candidates had pulled out of the election. According to them, there was no point in contesting an election whose results are already known.
19 casualties happened in the process of elections. The United Nations called for an independent investigation in the light of killings during elections. It is alleged that Hasina’s party violated Human rights to win the elections. United Nations noted some reports of harassment of media persons. Several independent reports came out of constraining media to stop bias-free reporting of elections.
Several members of opposition party boycotted the oath ceremony to protest against the dictatorship of Sheikh Hasina. Even an ally party of the Awami league, The Jatiya Party, left the alliance to join opposition in order to register their dissent to rigging the elections.

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