HD Kumaraswamy try to pacify the Congress MLAs and request to find an immediate solution

HD Kumaraswamy try to pacify the Congress MLAs and request to find an immediate solution

On Friday, the Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy stepped forward to pacify the unhappy MLAs of Congress. Apparently, the MLA was not happy with the decision of expanding cabinet. To this Kumaraswamy requested the central leadership to take an immediate and quick action.

A state Congress Leader, MB Patil met Kumaraswamy to discuss the event. Patil is leading a fragment of disgruntled legislators that have been coming together for a meeting. After his meeting, Kumaraswamy said that this issue is not related to him but he was there to pacify the leaders to form the stability of the government.

He stated that he is understanding the pain Patil is going through and is feeling that the party has let him down. However, he pleaded that the Congress leaders must take the action in order to find the solution to all the mess.

Not only this but Kumaraswamy met the senior leaders of Congress party that includes ministers KJ George, DK Shivakumar, RV Deshpande and G Parameshwara, Deputy Chief Minister and Pradesh Congress chief at Patil’s residence.

On Thursday, the MLAs that are unhappy about the decision also met Patil at his residence including Satish Jarkiholi, Roshan Baig, MTB Nagaraj and Sudhakar. There were many meeting like this that were held separately that also included the one with HK Patil, senior Congress leader and former minister by  Shamanur Sivashankarappa.

MB Patil names the visit as a courtesy and says that nothing is in the hand of Kumaraswamy in this decision as everything depends on Congress. However, there are approximately 20 MLAs that have come together against the decision. He also tells that all they want it to strengthen the party and nothing else.

He also told that no one is quitting Congress as for now, there are just meetings and discussion nothing else. On 6th June, the JD(S) cabinet was expanded with approximately 25 new addition. Also, Congress dropped many important ministers from the partnership.

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