Hidden Gem of India: Madikeri

Hidden Gem of India: Madikeri

Madikeri is a beautiful hill town in the state of Karnataka. The place is filled with a lot of fun and it never goes out of stock when it comes to things that you can explore here. From waterfalls to tombs of the ancient times, this small town has a lot of variety. The best part about Madikeri is, that no matter what your interests are this place will offer you a quality experience altogether, so it accommodates different people with different interests.

Now, you must be thinking about the places you can visit that makes Madikeri is such a treat to visit. Don’t worry! We are going to sort Madikeri out for you. There you go then -:

Feel the ultimate peace at Namdroling Monastery

We know how much peace means to the people all around the world and guess what? Madikeri has got you one of the most peaceful places in the world. Here is a temple where an 18m statue of Buddha which is plated with all gold. You can visit here and acknowledge the beauty of the place. People also love meditating here and it is quite peaceful and tranquil.  

The Mighty Madikeri Fort

Does everyone love visiting the forts right? Built in the 17th century, this fort is made of mud and is built by Raja Maddu. Later Tipu Sultan acquired the fort and built it using the granite, after which it was again reconstructed it by Linga Rajendra Wodeyar II. Why not visit and see if it seems perfect now!

You can’t afford to miss the Abbey Falls!

We all love some full body cleansing, right? Well, In Madikeri, this is one of the best tourist destinations. Probably one of the best natural cleansing places is the Abbey falls. The water comes 70ft down the rocks and bring in some fresh water which will surely lighten your mood up. People come here for picnic and coffee. You are surely going to have a good time with your family and friends.  

Feel like a king at the Raja’s seat

This place offers perfect sightseeing especially when it comes to sunset. The kings used to come here for having a peaceful and quality time which makes it a popular tourist destination. Also, the flowers in the garden and the mountains make it a perfect landscape. So, hello to all the kings out there!!

Show your devotion at the Omkareshewara temple

A unique mixture of Islamic and Gothic architecture, this mesmerizing temple was built in the devotion of Lord Shiva. It was built by Lingarajendra in 1820. Fishes, water tanks, houses etc. adds grace to the place. Do visit here if you are a deep seeker for enlightenment.

You will love the Bhagamandala temple

This place is a home to many deities and it attracts a lot of tourists. Located 22KM from the city center, this place is located near the river Cauvery. The best part about this place is, that is made in the Kerala style of architecture.

With all these places, Madikeri fills up a lot of expectations. Also, the local stuff is quite beautiful, you can go shopping for traditional south Indian stuff. Speaking of food, it is always good and healthy to eat south Indian stuff, yummy and tasty. So what are you waiting for folks? Just book your tickets today and give yourself a blissful experience. There are multiple travel agencies you can consult and we are sure you are going to find a very positive and fruitful response.


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