Hidden Gem of India: Poovar Island

Hidden Gem of India: Poovar Island

One of the famous tourist destinations in southern India, the Poovar Island is full of natural beauty. People from all over the world enjoy the sense of positivity and tranquility this place has to offer.  From amazing beaches to fishing, the Poovar Island is a perfect place for spending some good holidays.

Located in the Indian state of Kerala, on this island you will see a unique combination of Indian culture and nature’s beauty. Let us now take you through to some of the beautiful sights you can see, places you can visit and activities you can do on this amazing island -:

Explore the Poovar beach with the water Taxi
What better way than to enjoy the beauty of the beach through the water taxi? You can do that here on the Poovar beach. The beach has golden sand and is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the beautiful Neyyar River. The peaceful breeze on the island will make you feel blissful. All of it you can access by water taxi.

Go Fishing in Poovar
Poovar Island has The Fishing Village where people solely earn their living through fishing. If you have a deep compassion for fishing, this place is definitely for you.

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Enjoy bathing in the 50 feet waterfalls
The Thirparappu falls is the perfect place for a refreshing bath. Nature’s beauty adds grace to the overall place. People come in large numbers to bath; the crystal clear water also benefits the skin.

Buy some traditional south Indian souvenirs
Not one of the busiest markets in the world but markets in Poovar offer traditional stuff which can only be bought there. Since you are there, you should not miss out on dhurries, artificial jewelry, carpets and amazing traditional footwear this beautiful island has to offer.

Feel the natural beauty of Kovalam Beach
One of the major beaches in India, the Kovalam beach is made of 3 remarkable crescent-shaped beaches. Their names are The Samundra beach, The Lighthouse beach, and The Hawwah beach. This beach is filled with nature’s true beauty. The cultural activities and events make this island even more interesting and exciting to visit.
What about a boat race?

Poovar is considered to be a very peaceful place but it becomes totally different when the boat race is being organized there. Kerala is a place famous for boat races and this is no different to the locals. The snake boat race in Poovar really enhances and boosts the mood of the tourists.

All these places in Poovar will really make you feel amazing. Being a tourist destination, this place is always lit up with exciting activities. Nearby places like Vizhinjamadds much more value to the place. Also, the production of various ayurvedic medicines also takes places in the Poovar. Facilities for proper Ayurveda treatment are available here. You can buy special ayurvedic medicines and take proper treatments for the diseases. Being this close to nature and away from the normal hectic lives of the cities refreshes our body and mind. Special south Indian dishes are available which will change the taste you are used to.

So what are you waiting for? Poovar is waiting for your arrival, just book your tickets and give yourself a chance to witness all the fun and natural entertainment this place has to offer. We bet this trip will be worth it. Authentic food, amazing races, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, fishing, water taxi etc. all of this in a single place and that too on nominal prices, isn’t it a great deal?

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