Hundreds of women came out on road to protest US Immigration Policy, 575 arrested

Hundreds of women came out on road to protest US Immigration Policy, 575 arrested

On Thursday, in Washington D.C., women came out on the roads to protest against the Immigration Policy of US. They travelled via bus, took a plane, even slept in churches and at a friend’s home to make it possible. People might be surprised but most of them were white women faltering over the use of Spanish language syllable chants. There were many who were never even near a police officer, forget about being arrested by one, but here they were with an unfazed determination.

As per the reports by Capitol Police, they have arrested 575 protesters and are escorted out of the Hart Senate Office building. The complete mass was focused on the abolishment of the policies by US Immigration and customs enforcement agency. They want to end the migrant family detention and also the administration of Trump is zero tolerance immigration policy. It was an unlawful demonstrating charge from all of them.

On Wednesday, Victoria Farris who slept in the All Souls Church after her contribution to the civil disobedience training said, "I have two kids, and as a white mother, there is almost no circumstance that they would be taken away from me - ever," "I was awake one night because I couldn't sleep thinking about all those [immigrant] mothers and terrified children. I realized I had to do something more than protest, more than making a sign and March."

On Thursday, protesters launched themselves inside Hart building with unfurled banners while some stages a sit-in, solver space blankets wraps. The political banners that were not allowed in the building lobby were taken by the police. And then they started to arrest them.

At 3 p.m., the group of a dozen or more women were led out of the building. They were enchanting, “Abolish ICE” and “Shut it down” as they were moved out. There was nothing stopping them even after being arrested by the police officers.

After the first group was taken, the crowd was cheering for them but police continued to clear the area. Even Duckworth and Gillibrand greeted demonstrators.

Tammy Duckworth said I join them in calling on the Trump administration to reunite these families and give these kids back to their parents,” "On my side of things, I ask my colleagues, let's pass, finally, sensible immigration reform."

They took a total of one hour to remove the women.

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