Hyderabadis welcome IKEA with a lot of love ‘Can't-miss first show’

Hyderabadis welcome IKEA with a lot of love ‘Can't-miss first show’

On Thursday, the first IKEA store was opened in India that has to seem to have people excited of it. However, the people become so excited that is lead to a huge traffic jam and people lapping at the global experience as their shopping with a local touch.

The first customer to walk in the store was Rajini Venugopal said, “I got myself dropped here by my son at 7 am. I have shopped at IKEA in Singapore and I didn't want to miss this one, first day, first show,'' 

One by one many customer walked in and it was remarkable to see those clicking pictures and shooting many things, people were excited and in awe with the IKEA store. This led to swelled up to the crowd just outside the store.

Vidhya Said, a customer waiting in a long queue to enter the store, "This is worse than getting into the line for a darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirumala on auspicious days," However, today they have planned a staggered entry today to manage the crowd. People were given bottled water so that they can easily cope up with the hot blazing sun.

More customers pour in, one of them stated to a news channel on asking whether she is here out of curiosity or she is a fan, "I am a great fan of IKEA alright but now I feel I have chosen the wrong day to come here. Maybe I should have waited a couple of weeks.''

Even the 4 lakh square feet area of the land was not enough to keep the people excitement. Ganti stated, "I am super excited. All these years I have been carrying stuff from abroad, now I can avoid all that extra luggage. Neighbours envy, owners pride totally applies here. People from Delhi and Mumbai will now visit Hyderabad more often since it is easier to come here than go abroad.''

There are over two floors in the store where the showroom is designed on the first floor to display items and pre-designed room. You need to enter the code in the pamphlet that is provided to you with a chart and pencil. This will allow you to see the price and the way it will look like. If you like it, then pay for it and it will deliver to your home. The second floor is the market room where the items can be picked up and bought to take home.

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