I’d make sure Taimur completes his studies, said Kareena Kapoor

I’d make sure Taimur completes his studies, said Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is in the Bollywood industry for more than 18 years, now said that she should have completed her studies before entering the Industry.
In a radio show named ‘What Women Wants’, Kareena talked about how she entered the industry while she was only 20 and how she craves now about scholar knowledge.
In the show, she said, “I always feel that I should have started my career a little later. I took a very quick decision and started shooting at the age of 17. I feel that I should have studied a lot more.”
Talking about the parenting Taimur, she said she would insist to Taimur that he completes his studies before he pursues any other profession.
Remembering past, Kareena said, "In today's times, education is very important and I should have actually got my degree. I could have started doing what I wanted to do which is acting and that I could have done a bit late. Today, that's what I feel, of course, I couldn't study a lot and I don't have a degree, I will always probably push Taimur to finish his education and then do what he wants to do. That's his choice of what he wants to become in his life. I think that I would push him to finish his education because this is one thing that I would have wished, I should have made that decision a little later."
In an early interview to Bolly-talk magazine Grazia, Kareena opened about Saif’s family, too. The interview was done in 2016, when she was expecting a baby, in which she said, “I meet Saif and his friends, and I feel like we get stuck in this whole thing of movies and monies, without having anything else to fall back on. His family and friends are so well-read; some are Rhodes scholars, and most have studied at Oxford, Cambridge or Winchester. He is so particular about academics with his kids, Sara and Ibrahim as well, and I am happy that he will be so with this child too. I come from a family which has been obsessed with the movies, but as I have grown older, I have realized there is more to life than just that. Now I try to travel, meet different people, explore new things. And I want that for my child."

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