Imran Khan Victory speech says “Ashamed” and won’t be staying in the PMs House

Imran Khan Victory speech says “Ashamed” and won’t be staying in the PMs House

Imran Khan took the world with fire when he stepped forward to give his victory speech. He clearly stated that the extensive homes of Pakistan’s Prime minister will be converting to the educational institution that will be dedicated to the public. Even the Governor’s official residence will become an essential part of the sweeping austerity measure.

Under this, the homes will be converted into the revenue-generating venture of hotels. This all will be a step forward to improve the economic rate of Pakistan and lift up the living condition of people. He has it all planned even before the election results were out.

Khan stated about the mansion in which the heads of states are living for more than 45 years since 1970, "I feel ashamed that I will be staying in the Prime Minister's palace. I will stay in a smaller house," He also added to it, "My promise to you is to fix public spending, end the economic crisis,"
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief is all set to emerge as a single party with the largest support in Pakistan. Even though they have a short of about 272 member national assembly that did nothing to bring their spirit down. They have chalked out the goals in the victory speech that was made for around 30 minutes in total in the evening. He even pointed out the allegation on the blatant rigging that was put on by the parties.

The former Pakistani cricketer and now a 65-year-old PM has finally come to the supreme power after struggling for around 22 years of his life that was pitched up with stability, development and improvement for the economy of Pakistan, "I pledge today that my policies will not be for the elite but the oppressed, the underprivileged and the minorities,"

He believes that the economic conditions are the biggest problem for the country. Since now he has the power, he promised the people of Pakistan to bring change in the governance and improve the business economy of the nation. He even said that he will try to get the Pakistani people that are living overseas to invest in the betterment of the country.

He explained it all with the example of China, their closest ally, that managed to take people out of poverty over a span of 30 years.

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