In 2019 polls, Arunachal Pradesh government is planning to repeal the anti-conversion law, tribal leader is opposing the move

In 2019 polls, Arunachal Pradesh government is planning to repeal the anti-conversion law, tribal leader is opposing the move

The BJP party is in headlines nowadays with Assembly and Parliamentary elections just around the corner. Now BJP is planning to repeal the anti-conversion law of Arunachal Pradesh that was passed in the year 1978.

On Thursday, Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister said that Arunachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act is undermining secularism and is more inclined towards the Christians. This was reported by Hindustan Times.

Khandu talked about overturning the law at the function organised in the memory of the reverend brother, a Benedictine missionary, Prem Bhai in an event – Arunachal Pradesh Catholic Association’s function”.

However, with the reports of The New Indian Express, this move is made by BJP in order to capture the Christians vote in order to move for next 2019 elections with confidence. But the leaders of Arunachal Christian Forum are denying that this has anything to do with politics and believe it to be a genuine thing on their part.

The forum leader, Toko Teki said, “The chief minister is educated and wise. He must have realised the futility of the dark and black law. Those days, most locals in the state were uneducated and the law was passed by uneducated legislators after being guided by outsiders”

As per Teki, the Christians don’t have much freedom in the state whereas Hindu can construct Temples as per their wish where Christian’s community has to face a lot of hurdles if they plan to construct a church.

There are two religions that are mainly observed by the people living in Arunachal Pradesh – Buddhism and Christianity. However, there are many people that are following indigenous faith. Over a decade, there is a steady growth in the people that have converted their religion to Christian due to indigenous faiths.

In 1990 the trend of converting was picked up. As per the reports the people in 1981 that followed Donyi-Polo was around 51.6 per cent of total population. In 2011 survey, the population of Christian was increased to the 18.7 per cent that was 30.6 per cent in 2001.

The anti-conversion overturn decision was taken in Arunachal Pradesh may play well with the Christians of the state. However, it is not sitting well with the leaders of the indigenous faiths. The general secretary Bai Taba who is in the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh said that the law was repealed as it will result in the degradation of the indigenous culture.

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