In Boston, 70 explosions hit the gas pipeline, 100 evacuated

In Boston, 70 explosions hit the gas pipeline, 100 evacuated

There were dozens of explosions in Boston that have apparently triggered by the pipeline rupture that have rocked off more than three communities on Thursday night. As per the reports, there was a total of 6 people that are claimed to be injured while hundreds of them were evacuated from the location as soon as possible.

The homes and building demolished under the effect of the blast that was engulfed in the flames. The firefighters of over 50 departments have tried to scurry off the area for hours from one point to another in order to get the situation under control and rescue as many people as possible. However, the things were controlled when the utility crew turned off the gas and electricity in the area in order to prevent any sort of more destruction.

Even police crew was seen moving up and down the street with the bullhorns to vacate the homes as soon as police and take all the safety measures.

As per the suspects of fire investors, it was due to the over-pressurization of gas main that belongs to the Columbia Gas of Massachusetts that have led to the series of an explosion in the area. It was stated in the press conference by Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield.

A unit of NiSource Inc., Columbia Gas had announced earlier in the day it would be upgrading gas lines in the state and its neighbours including all the other explosion occurred. However, it was not known whether any of the work was done in the areas or communities during that time.

Ken Stammen, NiSource spokesman, "Columbia Gas is investigating what happened on its system today,"
The US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration had also said that a dispatching team was sent out to support the emergency that comes in the state to response efforts.

Brigham McCown, the former head of the agency, who lead PHMSA under President George W. Bush have also called up a series of gas explosions “unprecedented, at least in recent memory.”

He said, "I can't think of a series of natural gas-related incidents like this," He added, "We have had similar issues on a much smaller scale."

He even said that the National Transportation Safety Board sent out as a team that was headed by Robert Sumwalt, the chairman, in order to investigate the ordeal.

In Boston, 70 explosions hit the gas pipeline, 100 evacuated

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