In reference to Burari Deaths Case, A female “Tantrik” Geeta Maa is questioned

In reference to Burari Deaths Case, A female “Tantrik” Geeta Maa is questioned

On Friday, Delhi Police questioned a female occultist (tantrik) in reference to the connection of the 11 members of the family that has left a deep mark on everyone. On Sunday, the family of 11 members was found hung with open doors in the Burari area that has left everyone shocked.

The tantrik goes by the name Geeta Maa is reportedly said to be the daughter of the contractor that was responsible for building the house of Lalit Chundwat that was 45-year-old and is said to be the one cause of who this “thanksgiving ritual” took place at the first place. He was believed to be the one to plan the mass suicide.

However, the police have straight away said that there are no links that put Geeta Maa at the spot of being investigated. However, the police officers are questioning her to see if she has any hands in influencing the family to take the life of the members.

However, as per the investigation, the police have come up with a theory that family, they planned the execution ritual of the mass hanging. They are starting “psychological autopsy” on the members of the family.

The 10 members of the family are found hanging with the iron-mesh on Sunday through the ceiling while the 77-year-old body of Narayan Devi who was the head of the family was found dead in one of the roads of the house on the floor.

The members who died apart from her were: Her 57-year-old daughter Pratibha and two approximately 50-years-old sons Bhavnesh and Lalit. Then there was Bhavnesh’s 48-years-old wife Savita with their three children – 23-year-old Maneka, 25-years old Neetu and 15-years old Dhirendra. The family of Lalit was also found dead – Lalit’s 42-years wife Tina with their son Dushyant who was 15-year-old and Priyanka who was Pratibha’s daughter. Priyanka goes engaged in June and was supposed to be married by the end of this year.

The police got some notes and diaries that contain all the information on how they have planned out the mass death ritual. Also, On Wednesday, they got a CCTV footage which shows the scene around the area where the family members were seen bringing in wires and tools that are used for hanging. As per the police, the deaths are due to “psychological musing” and something about “road to God”. However, no one was supposed to die due to their belief that their dead father will save them.

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