In the setback to the Mehul Choksi, Antigua will be honouring India’s request

In the setback to the Mehul Choksi, Antigua will be honouring India’s request

The government of Antigua said to "honour any legitimate request" to extradite the fugitive diamantine Mehul Choksi that has just become the citizen of the archetypal Caribbean islands just before the infamous fraud of $2 billion of the Punjab National Bank state-run come out into the light. The EP Chet Greene, the foreign minister said in the report.

Son Thursday, the minister’s public assurance has actually given out after the cabinet in a meeting and is now setback to Mehul Choski who has been seen to have an investigation that is going beyond himself in the new country that is known to have no extraordinary treaty with India.

However, Barbuda and Antigua’s twin-island state of the Caribbean has made it very clear that they are not going to allow any kind of absence in the treaty that will stand out in the way.
On Thursday, Mr Greene has clearly declined and stated that they have no request as for now from Indian government regarding any access to the fugitive billionaire.

The foreign minister said, "However if a request is received, we will honour any legitimate request made of us notwithstanding that we do not have any extradition agreements with India," 
Mr Greene said, "That is the extent of our commitment to preserving the integrity of our (Citizenship by Investment) programme,"

The Gitanjali Gems, Mehul Choksi granted the citizenship of Antigua’s in November of the last year under the controversial citizenship program that was launched a few years back in the global citizen market that estimated a total of $ 2 billion worth.

The scheme of Antigua that is letting the world’s wealthiest pick of the second passport that has been criticised because it is not a perceived to the stringent enough.

Canada revoked the privileged for Barbuda and Antigua 1.1 lakh population over the concerns of the citizenship of the investment program that will is abused by the third country nationals and the management practices week. The US State Department had been already labelled up by the citizenship program and will fall under the category "among the laxest in the world"

However, the holders of Barbuda and Antigua passport has been written with the free visa travel to approximately 132 countries that includes the UK, Schengen area countries and Singapore. Things are not clear but we have to wait to know more.

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