In the US, 9 injured in an attack at the 3-years-old birthday party of a Refugee by Neighbour

In the US, 9 injured in an attack at the 3-years-old birthday party of a Refugee by Neighbour

At an Idaho apartment complex, a man went on stabbing rampage at a birth party of a 3-years-old. As reported by Boise police, 9 people are severely injured out of with there are six children.

On Saturday, police responded to a call after 9 p.m. as per the local time. The call was about the knife-wielding man that was at the complex. The police officers arrived at the scene in 5 minutes and took the man under their custody.

When the police investigated further, they found out the chaotic and tragic scene where a total of nine victims was scattered across the apartment complex. The injured were both inside and outside of the individual apartments. This was reported by the William Bones, Boise Police Chief.

The injured were taken to a hospital for the treatment. 4 out of 9 people has life-threatening injuries inflicted on them.

While the age of the injured kids, even the police chief was close to tears. The kid of around one 3-year-old, two 4-years-old, one 6-years-old, and one 12-years-old. The kids belong to different continents and were gathered together to celebrate the birthday of the child. There were three adults that try to intervene that was then injured.

An emotional Bones reported, "It's just something we don't see in Boise, the level of violence which occurred here,” "Most hard on myself ... is when you see innocence targeted and the suffering which occurs, and when that involves children, it's something that gets to each of us ... It tears your heart apart."

As per the reports, the kids were the newest members of the community and refugee were from Iraq, Syria and Ethiopia.

Bones said, "This was a brutal crime, not just against the individuals involved, but against the families and the very fabric of our community," 

On Sunday afternoon, reports came that the injured survived. There are injuries that they have to face but they all are alive with serious injuries. One of the victims is now flown to Salt Lake City for the treatment.

Bones said "We are by no means out of the woods,” "The level of some of the injuries will be life-altering in a very negative way for some of the victims."

"It's a very tightknit community in the apartment complex," Bones told the newspaper. "I'd ask for our community's hearts to go out, as I know they will. For their prayers for the families."

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