Incredible Women Who've Made India Proud Over the Years

Incredible Women Who've Made India Proud Over the Years

“Women” an exact synonym for the word incredibility. Over the decades we saw Women locked in her circle. The life starts and ends with that. From our mom to our daughter we have set their independence with our dependency. But from then to now women continuously break all the myths and the beliefs against them. Few came out of the circle and stood unique with their ideology. They proved they are no less than men in every aspect. Our country is where females are not allowed in the streets late night but have set examples, crossed across the globe and shinned over the sky.

Age is just a number; you can do what you want at any stage, Karthyayni Amma proved in her way. She gave her first exam at the age of 96. Age is not a taboo for your dream. 

A small town girl, IIM- Lucknow graduate Prashasti Singh is now one of the successful comedians. She is one such woman who showed people that happiness is about doing things we like.

89 years old Latika Chakravorty started her website and is now selling her self-made potli bags. A determination is more enough to fulfil our dreams, and she is one among it. No profession is meant for only men. Women have placed milestones in every job they step in. 

Hima Das, the first ever women to win a gold medal for India in a track event. Entire nation stood freeze by her excellent finish.

Smriti Mandhana, the first women cricketer to hit double centuries in a one-day match.

Deepika S Rajawat the one women lawyer who stood against the kathua Rape despite all the criticism she faced within her lawyer community.

13 years old Malavath Poorna, climbed Mount Everest last year, you are not too young or old to chase your dreams. 

Akkai Padmashali, started her organisation and creating sexual awareness, she tried to attempt suicide at the age 12 is being pushed to work as a sex worker. She is one among the women who are continually fighting against section 377.


An Arjuna Award recipient and Indian hockey team captain Rani Rampal joined they hockey team at the age of 15.

Sanjukta Parashar, the first IAS officer to arrest six BODO militants in 15 months.

Seema Rao is known to the “ wonder women”, the only female commando trainer. She is into the field over 18 years.

These women have not only set examples, but they have shown the society gender has nothing to do with the dream. We are living in the country where women are forced to stay indoors, and meanwhile, women are standing ahead in every corner of the state. Feminism is not about acting against men it is ahead of them. And these women are the live examples of that. 

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