India has 14 out of world's 20 most polluted cities

The WHO organization recently have submitted the list of world’s most polluted cities on the survey
of pollution database. The shocking part of the survey is that on the top 15 cities, 14 cities are from
India, and from the north part. WHO, says that they have arrayed the cities based on the PM2.5.
How come all the major cities of north India would come in the list. The question that arises in every
mind is why not south India? And how come the entire north would have such a bad air to inhale?
Though many measures were taken in the control of pollution and the cleanliness what makes north
India be in the top?
Over 4300 cities around the world, WHO report saying that Kanpur rank the first in the air pollution
level in the year 2016. Flowed by Faridabad at the second place, and the list continues from Varanasi
to Jodhpur which includes 11 other cities. Many are unaware of the PM level, it is called the
particulate matter, in which there is a mixture of solid and liquid components which disturbs our
respiratory system once if we inhale. The actual problem comes from the size of the matter when it
is the small size our nasal hair cannot block its flow. So it would easily pass through the windpipe and
enter the lungs. PM 2.5 is considered to be not that dangerous but still, some amount risk is being
involved in it. This eventually leads to some serious disease like breathing issues, wheezing, stroke,
heart problems.
WHO on another report says that around 3.4 years life will be shortened in a human body due to
inhalation amount of contaminated air from the atmosphere. In India, over 34% of the pollution
tend the die because of breathing this dust-filled air. South India over years is maintaining a good
amount of pollution control and took certain steps to maintain the neatness of their respective

The geography also has the major part to play within the supply of a good quality atmospheric air.
Once when the Delhi was encrusted with mist, the entire nation turned to its side and numerous
discussion, meeting and political conferences were conducted to control the issue. But still, Delhi
continues to be in the list of providing a dangerous atmosphere to the mankind. The government
responded when the capital of India is being affected and what now? The major part of north India is
being covered with contaminated air. From 2015 to 2017 the rate of PM in the air seems to be
getting more menace. And how come no political party comes forward to speak a word about it.
Not only the government had even the people had to be blamed for the indifference in this issues.
Over years many awareness programs and frequent speeches and articles are been delivered to the
people but still, they chose to do the same fault. The factory and industrial waste issue are always a
never-ending one. When they produce so much harm and poisonous substance into the
environment government still maintains the silence. The automobile and other machinery exhaust is
not an exception and here is where people have to be blamed for.
After letting the world know about the status of India’s atmospheric status at least by now the
government has to come forward and take the serious step to control the pollution and maintain the
quality of air. When even the breathing of air becomes difficult and then the survival becomes a
question mark. Either, new rules and regulations have to be brought into practices else the existing
law must make still more powerful.

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