India made its name among the Top 5 mobile gaming market

India made its name among the Top 5 mobile gaming market

India was never famous for its gaming industry as the market never flourish that well or even PCs. But now the proliferation of smartphones and ever the cheaper data plans has done a lot for the gaming industry of the country.

Now, India has managed to secure the position in the top five markets for the mobile gaming in terms of a total number of users. As per the POKKY, the leading mobile video advertising platform in India, Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa region, the reports are made. There is more than 222 million active gaming user that spend more than 42 minutes in playing games on their smartphones every day for over five sessions in the country as in the ration of 2017.

He said, “As much as 89% of all game revenues in India were generated by mobile games,” said Rohit Sharma, founder of POKKT. “These gamers are highly engaged; almost one-third play five days per week or more, and nearly 40% spend more than six hours per week playing mobile games,” 

Even the disruptive entry of Reliance JIO in the telecom industry market and the subsequent price has cut by the incumbent telcos that boosted the entire mobile application ecosystem in the country in 2017. This has ridden the waves of the mobile gaming industry and a massive surge in the usage is easily witnessed.

The number two and three positions in the games are taken up by Subway Surfer and Temple Run in India with the DAU of 5 million and 2.5 million respectively.

There are several gaming giants that are looking for the investment opportunity in India such as Tencent games. The rapid increase in the growth in Southeast Asia and India has come at the time when the big mobile gaming markets such as China and US are saturating.

However, the global gaming is one of the categories that has a maximum number of in-app purchase. However, Indian gamers don’t usually invest in any games and shy away from it.

Even the games such as Clash of Clans and Candy crush only have a total of 1 per cent of in-app purchase in India that has made them opt for freemium models.

“There is a huge opportunity for a freemium model which creates advertising as monetisation medium for mobile gaming,” Sharma said. “The biggest ad form is rewarded videos, where a user can be asked to watch an advert instead of spending money. We have seen that users prefer to watch these rewarded videos,” 

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