India takes a strong position against China-Pakistan Bus service

India takes a strong position against China-Pakistan Bus service

There is a luxury bus service going to start soon between China and Pakistan. It is their joint venture. But the problem here is that the route taken by bus goes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir which comes under India’s territory.


The route will go through Gilgit-Baltistan. Both come under the territory of India and are under dispute in India vs. Pakistan Kashmir conflict. India, of course, is objecting to this venture and claiming that this step is in violation of India’s sovereignty.


A day before making objection public, India summoned some China diplomat in order to raise the question.


India is urging cancellation of this bus service.


“We have lodged strong protests with China and Pakistan on the proposed bus service that will operate through areas of Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir State under the so-called ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’,” the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) told reporters. “Any such bus service through Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir State will be a violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


Reaction of Pakistan:


Pakistan reacted to the situation quite quickly in comparison to China. The said that the bus service from Lahore to Tashguran only after the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China, Beijing.

They said that the bus service did not alter their stand on Kashmir. Hence, Pakistan dismissed India’s objection completely.


Reaction of China :


Lu Kang, who is a spokesperson at China’s foreign ministry, said, “It is an economic cooperation project between China and Pakistan and not targeted at any third party. It has nothing to do with the territorial dispute and it will not affect China’s principled position on the issue of Kashmir,”

He claimed that the project of CPEC is only meant for Economic purposes and not political purposes. The bus service has nothing to do China’s foreign relation with India.



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