Indo –China talks once again takes the centre stage

Indo –China talks once again takes the centre stage

There were times in Indo-Chinese relations when the “hindi-chini Bhai Bhai” slogan was on every Indian mouth. Everybody used to swear by this slogan. The relations were very cordial between the two countries after the declaration of the Panch Sheela Yojana, but this as usual was very short lived. China always wanted to grab the Indian territories irrespective of any reason. The 1960 war further weakened the diplomatic relations. Since then, the cordialness and the warmth is very less seen the 2 countries relations.

Earlier this year when the Dokalam crisis took place India only took the initiative to act bravely and strategically whereas the Chinese soldiers are always sent to take charge of a territory in particular in advance. Somehow the Dokalam situation was handled but can we ever sought peace with China? Under the circumstances when China is the biggest support to Pakistan which is our arch rival can we trust China completely is a matter of concern.

PM Modi is to meet the Chinese bigwig Xi Jinping in what is termed as the “informal summit” on 27-28 April in Xi’s hometown in Wuhan. This meet is considered very crucial and important after 73 days of Doklam face off between the 2 countries. A lot is considered to be on the minds of the two aggressive leaders. The major points of discussions include American protectionist trade policy along with the development of relationships in the past 100 years.

The two countries heads are expected to have talks on the issues regarding the China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), alongwith Chinese Pakistani Economic corridor and the indo-china border disputes which are one of the most important and crucial of all the talks as it was the most pensive issues involving the Dokalam area.

Ahead of the SCO meet in June this informal meet between India and China counterparts is considered of real strategic importance. Though no formal treaties or any memorandums would be signed at this meet but it is viewed by the higher authorities this meet is very important from the point of view of resolving the border issues which have been in the eye of the storm from so long.

It is expected that they will have candid talks over the CPEC project and other trading options between the two countries. Ahead of the SCO meet in June the Defence minister and the External affair ministers of India both were in China to discuss terrorism and foreign trade and policies between the SCO nations.

The meet is considered to have stronghold in every way for both the countries. It is believed that both countries will have huge benefits from the “informal summit and it would be one of its kind after long.
But the question that arises is can we trust China?

After the 1960 war there has been continuous tries by the Chinese republic to in filter in Indian areas, but the Indians have followed the policy of non violence and cooperation and during these two days also it is for sure that the Indian delegates will look forward to peaceful and cooperative ties which should include the non cooperation of China with the Pakistani terrorist state. 

Many eminent personalities and officials have witnessed this meeting to be very helpful in building relations between the two countries. Dalai Lama has come forward in support of this meet between the two leaders and has said that Tibet can remain in China provided that the cultural and other aspects of the region are being respected by Beijing.

Whatever be the result but pm Modi has once again managed to deal issues strategically in times when North Korea and US are on the verge of third world war.                                
 Surbhi Goel
Senior Writer

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