Indonesia Tsunami: Death toll rises to 281

Indonesia Tsunami: Death toll rises to 281

Indonesia's sudden Tsunami is afraid to kill more than 281 people, until now. According to BBC news, the disaster management officials warned off people of another Tsunami this morning.

The Tsunami hit the Sumatra and Java islands without any prior warning. Its first wave came on December 22. The death toll caused due to Tsunami numbered more than 281 and the number of seriously injured is accounted more than 1,061. The numbers are provided by Mr Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesperson of disaster management agency.

56 people are reported to be missing. Rescue teams are trying to find them but their efforts are going in vain as the operation is being hindered by the roadblocks, such as fallen trees. According to the rescue agencies: the numbers are expected to reach higher.

A number of things are speculated to be the reason behind the tsunami. An abnormal tidal surge due to the New Moon and an underwater tectonic shift may have caused the tsunami. It is also speculated that the volcano Anak Krakatoa may have erupted and has caused the tsunami. It last erupted in 1883. In the last Tsunami caused by it, more than 36000 people were killed and the Waves of Tsunami felt all around the world. anak Krakatoa a Small Island of Indonesia.

Nugroho also said that if the volcano erupted again it will most likely cause an another Tsunami. “Recommendations from [the] Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical Agency are that people should not carry out activities on the beach and stay away from the coast for a while,” he added.

This is the second Tsunami of its kind hitting the shores of Indonesia in the last 3 months. The second recent Tsunami in Indonesia was caused by an earthquake of magnitude 7.5. It struck off the Sulawesi island killing more than 100s of people in September. Before that, a number of earthquakes came in July and August killing more than 500 people on the holiday island of Lombok.

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