Iran's Warning Between Strike- We Can Easily Destroy American Ship

Iran's Warning Between Strike- We Can Easily Destroy American Ship

The relations between the US and Iran are worsening once again. However, US President Donald Trump has made a statement on relations with Iran that the US is not moving ahead in terms of war with Iran. Meanwhile, Iran has said that it can easily target American ships in Gulf countries.

In recent times, the tension between Washington and Tehran is at its peak. Diplomats of Iran are constantly trying to deny US sanctions and reduces US opposition to the nuclear deal.

Iran and America have been quite vocal in the recent past against each other. This week, the US had called back some diplomats from Baghdad after the attack on the four oil tankers of oil.

Earlier, Barack Obama had a nuclear deal with Iran, which the Trump Administration had finished in 2015. Due to this move of the trump, the harsh ban on Iran once again came into effect. Iran's economy has been affected due to US sanctions. Countries such as India, China, and Pakistan have also been discontinued on oil imports.

In a statement given to the Fars News Agency, Saleh Joker, Deputy Commissioner of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran, said, "Our short-range missile missiles can easily target US warships to Gulf countries. America cannot afford a new war America's situation is bad in terms of social and human resources".

On US economic sanctions, Iran believes that Washington is only raising economic sanctions to increase its military share in the Gulf countries. The US is in an effort to increase global pressure by referring to the attack on the United Nations on Iran. Tehran says that this move of America is only for the psychological benefit and for political rhetoric.

A senior administration official in Washington said that the US is ready to negotiate with Iran but Iran is not ready for direct talks with Trump. "We believe that Iran should come forward to prepare tensions between the two countries and to prepare for dialogue."- an official said.

Trump has appealed several Iranian leaders to negotiate a nuclear program. In the wake of mounting tension in Gulf countries, the US has prepared aircraft carriers. People in this area fear that the US and Iran may not be ready for war.

There is a possibility that Trump's two top consultants are favored for the war with Iran. Asked whether the US is moving towards war with Iran, Trump said on Thursday, "I do not have such a hope." He tweeted a day before, expressing his wish to have a conversation by saying, "I am convinced that Iran will want to talk soon.'’

Significantly, Trump had ousted the US from the nuclear deal with Iran during the Barack Obama government. With this, economic restrictions were imposed again on Iran. Since then, the tension between the two countries has been increasing.

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