Is Madhuri Dixit going to join BJP?

Is Madhuri Dixit going to join BJP?

Imagine your Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit speaking in a mike, telling people how demonetisation saved Indian Economy from Black Money. Imagine, Because it is most likely to happen in near future.


BJP is considering giving a Lok Sabha ticket to Madhuri Dixit from Pune Lok Sabha constituency in 2019 elections.


Bhartiya Janta Party Supremo Amit Shah did a programme with name ‘Sampark for Samarthan’ where he met with several big figures and celebrities to knot tie with them.


Amit Shah met Madhuri in Mumbai in June in his programme. And it seems that the programme worked for Bhartiya Janta Party.



According to a news report by News Agency PTI, a senior BJP leader told to PTI, “The party is seriously considering giving candidature to Madhuri Dixit in the 2019 general elections. We think the Pune Lok Sabha constituency will be better for her.



The party is in the process of finalising the list of probable for several Lok Sabha seats and Dixit's name has been shortlisted for the Pune Lok Sabha constituency...she is being seriously considered for it.” he added



Another leader from BJP told to PTI, “Such tactics were implemented by Narendra Modi in Gujarat when he became the chief minister for the first time. He changed all the candidates in local bodies election and the party reaped benefits of that decision."


"As fresh faces were introduced, there was nothing to criticise them with. It left the opposition shocked and the BJP won maximum seats and retained power," he added.


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