Is Yashwant Sinha planning to become next Prime Minister?

Is Yashwant Sinha planning to become next Prime Minister?

A special session was organized today as part of Shri Ram College's Economic Summit at the Delhi University. Many prolific economists showed themselves, including the two-time finance minister and the BJP-rebel Yashwant Sinha.
Sinha gave a lecture on possible economic strategies for the future of India. While interacting with people, he gave the hint that he has aspirations to become the next Prime Minister of India.
Sinha gave a talk on setting India's economy right in the next five years. He said in his talk, “You talk about 1.2 crore jobs. I would like to talk about the millions of kilometers of roads that we have to build, all that we need to do for agriculture, irrigation projects, storage processing, and all that and you know new townships to be created - there is so much work to be done that when we start doing that work we will create not 1.2 crore jobs but two crores, three crore jobs every year but we are not doing that, that's the problem, so we will have to find somebody who is prepared to buy this theory.”
When an NDTV reporter asked Sinha, who is that ‘Somebody’, Sinha replied Nobody.
But then he said, “Who comes closest? The closest is me, myself.” Though Sinha and the audience laughed after the answer. This, however, proves that Sinha has his name in mind.
The other name that is spoken out to be the possible candidate of Prime Minister is Nitin Gadkari.
Gadkari has strong support from RSS and he also has a good experience of holding ministry.
When reporters asked Sinha about the possibilities of Gadkari for PM seat, Sinha replied, “There is no hope in hell for that. Why I am saying it is because I know the kind of vice-like grip the current prime minister (Narendra Modi) and the party president (Amit Shah) have over the BJP and even after the loss of elections where they could be below 200, they will not retire from their leadership."

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