Israeli company withdraws beer Bottle with Mahatma Gandhi face post opposition from government

Israeli company withdraws beer Bottle with Mahatma Gandhi face post opposition from government

An Israeli liquor company has landed itself in the middle of the controversy after one of its beer bottle editions featured the photos of Mahatma Gandhi on the logo area. Soon after the controversy has been stirred, the company has apologized to the government of India for hurting the sentiments of countrymen.

News agency PTI has reported that the photo has been printed over the bottles which were gone on the floor to celebrate the commemorate Israel's 71st Independence Day which is on May 8-9. The image has grasped the attention of many users and they posted the pic of the same on the web.

In the mid of the controversy Gilad Dror, Brand Manager of the company has released an official statement on Wednesday that he is sorry and felt regretful to use the image of such a noble person over their beer bottle.

Malka Beers offers it heart-warming apologies to the people of the country as well as the government of India for hurting the sentiment of the people associated with the father of another. In a statement released by Gilad Dror stated” We highly respect and value Mahatma Gandhi and regret our action of putting his image on our bottles,”

He has also assured that all the manufacturing and delivering system has been stopped and there will be no supply of the beer with his face. The company took the decision as soon as the Indian embassy has marked its aggression and concern regarding the use of Mahatma Gandhi's photo over the bottle. Although he has also commented that the addition of his photo was done in good faith and it was to honour him. But if sentiments are being tempered efforts will be done to bring down the entire product as well as the withdrawal of all the bottles from the market.
Among others whose image was printed on the bottle were three former prime ministers of Israel - David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Menachem Begin - apart from Theodor Herzl, father of Zionism. Mahatma Gandhi was only non-Israeli among the one who features on the cover of the bottle.

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