ISRO Is Concerned Over The Debris After ASAT Mission

ISRO Is Concerned Over The Debris After ASAT Mission

With the recent success conducting an anti-missile space Test by India under the Mission Shakti, ISRO is concerned about the debris that is going to hit back to the earth. Not only ISRO but the concern is raised by the USA, UN Institute For Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) and other quarters over the creation of space debris.
The United State said on Thursday, that the US is quite interested in sharing the interest in Space and Technical operation but now they are more concerned about the space debris that is going to hit the earth after the mission. A state department spokesperson said, “The issue of space debris is an important concern for the US government. We took note of Indian government statements that the test was designed to address space debris issues.”
India becomes the fourth country to conduct this test after the USA, Russia, and China. As we look out back in 2008, the USA carried the Burnt Frost Mission in which they destroyed their own satellite USA-193. Later the same test was carried by Russia and China both. China during their space operation destroyed its FengYun 1C Weather Satellite.
The UNIDIR tweeted with a video and wrote, “Testing anti-satellite weapons in space can create damaging debris. Guidelines on testing these systems can prevent collateral damage and the escalation of tensions in outer space.” Check out the full tweet here:

In FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) on Wednesday, MEA said,” whatever debris that is generated will decay and fall back onto the earth within weeks.”

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